Steiner education has been practised in Australia and New Zealand for more than 60 years. During this time, early childhood settings and schools have become established throughout both countries, the education has gained state recognition and support, and has a presence within the educational discourse on both sides of the Tasman. Since the early 2000s, Steiner education has been offered as a specialty in Australasian universities.

In addition, Steiner education is gradually gaining visibility in academic discourse after a considerable period in which it was not represented. There are academic journals dedicated to research into the work of Steiner and into aspects of Steiner education. This proposal is to support the establishment of a peer-reviewed journal focused on the connection between Steiner theory and educational practice, specifically in the Australasian context.

Appearing biannually, this journal complements publications currently available, such as Research on Steiner Education (RoSE), the Australian/New Zealand Pedagogical Journal, the AWSNA Research Bulletin and the recently established peer reviewed journal Steiner Studies. Of particular note is that the more academic journals – RoSE and Steiner Studies – do not explicitly have an Australasian link. This is a gap Steiner Education Research in Action will fill.

The RoSE journal (est. 2010, Rudolf Steiner University College, Norway, and Alanus University, Germany) aims to establish links and dialogues between Steiner education and other alternative as well as mainstream educational discourses and practices. It publishes articles twice a year based on empirical as well as on theoretical or philosophical research, book reviews and from Doctoral and Master’s theses. Steiner Studies (est. 2020, frommann-holzboog) publishes scholarly, ‘ideologically independent’ research on the work of Steiner and related philosophical, artistic, scientific, spiritual, religious and historical currents. The Australian/New Zealand Pedagogical Journal and the AWSNA Research Bulletin (est. 1996, Research Institute for Waldorf Education) welcome articles pertaining to Steiner education.

To complement this, Steiner Education Research in Action will publish articles with a strong theory/research-to-practice focus. The journal aims to speak back to narrow definitions of ‘evidence’ and measurement, and provide a platform for dialogue with wider educational-cultural communities, supporting research which serves educators in all schools (not just Steiner schools) in their work with children and adolescents.

Theoretical papers with direct applicability to educational practice will be accepted. Author/s need to demonstrate familiarity with the work of other researchers in the same area and with research and theorists/theories beyond the frame of Steiner education.