1) Pitching of articles

The target readership for the journal is practising teachers and interested academics in all sectors of Australian and New Zealand education from early childhood to tertiary. More generally, there is an international readership. It is expected that articles published in the journal will be tailored to this readership. Articles should be:

  • Written to be read by busy teachers
  • Free of technical jargon (including Waldorf or anthroposophical jargon) or, where this is necessary to the argument, explained in non-technical terms
  • Informed, but not dominated, by relevant scholarly and research literature
  • Socially critical in their orientation (i.e., with a critically reflective focus on the topic and not just a ‘how-to’ approach)
  • Distinctively Australian and New Zealand terminology and references must be made clear to an international audience.

2) Format expectations

  • APA Style. Articles submitted for publication will follow APA guidelines (7th edition).
  • Grammar and spelling. Before submitting material, please ensure that it grammatically correct and you have done a full spell check. Both American and British spellings are accepted but must be used consistently.
  • Images. Please supply these separately in JPEG format (high definition) and indicate in the text approximately where they should appear in the article. A caption should be included. All images need to be referred to in the text.
  • Charts and diagrams. Please supply these separately, in as high resolution in as possible, and indicate where in the text they are to be placed. A caption is needed for each diagram, image or table.
  • Colour. We publish in PDF format. There is no charge for images, diagrams and charts in colour.
  • Formatting of text. Submissions need to use the Article Template available from the website.

3) Submission guidance.

Please follow the submission guidelines on the journal website.

Please state clearly the category of your article.

State clearly the nature of your submission (research article, theoretical, opinion piece, etc.)

Steiner Education Research in Action will not consider for publication material that has been published elsewhere or included in conference proceedings (unless it is substantially re-worked).

At the time of submission, please include ‘About the Authors’ information as follows: a good colour photo and a short paragraph of professional information including your institutional affiliation (around 100 words max.). Please email this as a separate file to the Editor.

Receipt of manuscripts will be acknowledged by email.