Welcome to Steiner Education Research in Action

This journal is an initiative of Steiner Education Australia. It came about in recognition of a need to complement existing Steiner-based journals with a peer-reviewed journal focused on the connection between Steiner theory and educational practice, specifically in the Australasian context.

The editors of the journal are Dr Neil Boland (Auckland University of Technology and National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan) and Dr Bronwen Haralambous (University of the Sunshine Coast).

The editors are supported by the Research Advisory Group comprising academics with a strong background in Steiner-related research background:

  • Dr Neil Boland (Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand)
  • Dr Shelley Davidow (University of the Sunshine Coast)
  • Dr Jennifer Gidley (Institute for Sustainable Futures, University of Technology, Sydney)
  • Dr Bronwen Haralambous (University of the Sunshine Coast)
  • Dr Tom Stehlik (University of South Australia)

The group of peer reviewers includes:

  • Dr Tao Bak (Deakin University)
  • Dr Fiona Campbell
  • Matthew Cunnane (University of Melbourne)
  • Dr Iris Curteis (Southern Cross University)
  • Dr Danae Killian (University of Melbourne)
  • Dr Gaylene Denford-Wood (Flinders University)
  • Gillian Rogers

We aim to foster healthy, critical dialogue on aspects of Steiner education and build links between theory, research and educational practice.